Thursday, 15 August 2019 10:01

Transformation of Victory Square

One of the oldest squares of the city will get a new look. Construction work on Victory Square is in full swing.

Based on the results of voting by citizens on the Active City portal, it was decided to reconstruct the square on the left bank.Work is underway within the framework of the program “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment”.

“The tiling area is about 6,000 square meters,” says Andrey Pozdnyak, head of the road maintenance maintenance department of MIS “MIS”. - We started the restoration in early August. But part of the lawns and part of the base from the tiled coating have already been prepared, the floor lamps are painted and set horizontally. The next step is the supply of equipment for the playground. It will remain in its original place, but will be completely updated. The game complex will support the thematic focus of the square - all the elements will be in the form of military equipment. ”

In parallel, serious work is being done on landscaping the park. Only sick and old shrubs, emergency trees are uprooted selectively. But the priority remains the maximum conservation of green spaces.

For a convenient access to the park, workers expand the guest parking and restore the side stone. They will also be engaged in lighting the square: the masts will remain the same, but the lamps and brackets will be replaced.

The pedestal of the main attraction of the square will also be restored. The tank itself was restored earlier, before the reconstruction of the square.

All work in Victory Square is carried out in accordance with the outline design developed by the administration of Magnitogorsk, with the exception of one adjustment - another path will appear. It is tiled specifically for residents. The people’s path was created by the townspeople themselves and, for their convenience, it was decided not only to leave the track, but also to ennoble it.

The reconstruction is planned to be completed by the first of September.






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