Monday, 12 August 2019 09:33

Magnitostroy accepts congratulations

Mayor Sergei Berdnikov congratulated the employees of Trest Magnitostroy LLC on a professional holiday.

“We are working in the same field, you are building concrete structures and houses, and we are building a city. - said Sergey Nikolaevich, - I would like to wish you to love our city with all my heart. We have huge ideas for improvement. Magnitogorsk is considered the second capital of the Southern Urals. We must comply with this status! ”

Director of Trest Magnitostroy LLC Dmitry Melnikov addressed his colleagues with a congratulatory word: “This is a wonderful day, our professional holiday. This is primarily the merit of our veterans, whom we value, love and respect. I want to say thanks to the entire workforce of Magnitostroy. We honor and continue the traditions laid down by our grandfathers and fathers. “I want to wish everyone a large amount of work, good estimates and decent salaries!”

The MGSD speaker Alexander Olegovich wished the employees of the enterprise to achieve new heights, prosperity and success in their professional activities.

In honor of the holiday, honorary diplomas and letters of thanks were awarded to the best representatives of the construction industry.


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