Friday, 26 July 2019 09:38

“Route of Memory”: a part of the Magnitogorsk metal in Volgograd

Today, the city administration held a press conference on the results of the trip of the participants and organizers of the city action "Memory Route" to Volgograd for the transfer of the relay of military glory.

The following were donated to the State Historical Memorial Museum-Reserve “The Battle of Stalingrad”: the triptych “Sword of Victory”, a handful of Ural land and a particle of the Magnitogorsk metal.

Guests of the event were: participants of the trip to Volgograd, media representatives who took an active part in covering the city action “Memory Route”, the City Council of Veterans, the DAM chairmen and heads of the RSV patriotic work commissioners, the Chairmen of the MMK Veterans Council, MMK OJSC Metiz ”, LLC“ Trust Magnitostroy ”, as well as representatives of the Department of Education.

Active participants were awarded a memorial sign "For the personal contribution to the work of the veteran organization of the city of Magnitogorsk."


 MG 0457


 MG 0474


 MG 0480


 MG 0493


 MG 0507


 MG 0515


 MG 0526



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