Tuesday, 16 July 2019 09:49

Meeting for the benefit of the South Urals

The Acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region, Alexey Teksler, in Moscow met with representatives of the ROO Chelyabinsk. The meeting participants discussed initiatives and projects for the development of the Southern Urals.A cooperation agreement was concluded between the Government of the region and the association.

Today, the public organization, headed by Alexander Valov, unites more than 200 people. It includes honored veterans, talented and promising young people, honored cultural and art workers, scientists, sportsmen, prominent political figures. RPO "Chelyabinsk" was created to unite the efforts of South Ural residents living in Moscow. In 2020, the union will be 25 years old, and for almost a quarter of a century the participants of the organization did not lose ties with the region.

“All these years, the Chelyabinsk community helped the region in the development of economic relations, protected its interests, assisted in attracting investments and advanced technologies, and the assistance through the Government of the Russian Federation in making vital decisions for the region was significant,” Aleksey Leonidovich said. - In addition, social initiatives were put into practice, books devoted to our famous countrymen were published, and communication with the small homeland was never interrupted. And most importantly - the region has always felt your significant support in many of its endeavors. I expect that the joint work will continue, including on the basis of the Permanent Mission of the Chelyabinsk Region in Moscow. ”

Social activists told how they want to see their small Motherland, expressed their proposals for improving the appearance of the regional center, the qualitative improvement in the lives of their countrymen. One of the initiatives of the young representatives of the Chelyabinsk organization was to hold a regional urban forum in the South Ural capital where it would be possible to discuss the development of urban spaces and environmental issues. Alexey Teksler supported the idea.

There was also an offer from young people to name one of the libraries located in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, in honor of the poetess Lyudmila Tatyanicheva, who lived and worked in the Southern Urals for a long time. In addition, the meeting often raised issues of working with the younger generation, creating conditions in the region in which talented South Urals people could realize themselves in their native land.