Friday, 12 July 2019 10:00

Trouble came from not having waited

Six months later, after the tragedy that occurred in Magnitogorsk on the last December day of last year, the landscaping near the house number 164 along Karl Marx Avenue was completed. In those terrible days, the inhabitants of the country united in the face of common misfortune. Unfortunately, some Magnitogorsk are distinguished by a short memory. A new day brought a new shock - vandals visited the new site.

“We have invested so much energy and soul in the restoration of this place,” laments Alexander Alexander Pechkarev, head of the capital construction and improvement department of the city administration. “But tonight or early in the morning, the vandals spoiled two shops — they poured used oil and soiled them with excrement.” In addition, the hooligans painted with paint the facade of the building where the Frontier Club is located, and the obstacle course. The territory near the house №164 is under video surveillance. We are preparing a statement to the police, we will look for villains to tell the city about its "heroes".

A similar attitude to what is happening around outraged. However, at a time when workers unloaded new benches to install them in the place of spoiled ones, an impatient resident of the city did not think of anything better than to drive around the truck on the lawn and new paving slabs.

This is not the end of the exploits of Magnitogorsk. Businessmen paste over lighting poles installed near the house, advertising their products and services. Fighting disregard for the urban environment alone is impossible.

The administration appeals to all concerned residents of Magnitogorsk. If you have witnessed an act of vandalism near the house №164 on Karl Marx Avenue, please inform us of all the information you have, by phone: 49-05-20, by .








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