Thursday, 11 July 2019 11:34

Comfortable country children's holiday all year round!

New modular gas boiler room, the reconstruction of buildings and an increase in the number of vacationing children throughout the year. This was discussed at the on-site workshop at the Abzakovo children's country complex.

It was attended by the head of the city Sergey Berdnikov, as well as representatives of all contractors who are involved in the project.

The meeting participants were presented an investment project for the reconstruction of the children's country complex "Abzakovo". It involves gasification, connection to the networks of the future boiler house, reconstruction of four bedroom and two administrative buildings, as well as the construction of utilities and sewage treatment plants. The main task is to ensure reliable gas supply to the entire children's complex. Competition procedures are underway. At the same time, the commissioning of a local gas boiler house is planned in the fall, which will significantly save money, unlike solid fuel. The mayor stressed that the boiler house should start working from the beginning of October and the deadlines should be strictly adhered to.

As for the reconstruction of buildings, according to the contractors who performed the assessment of the state of buildings by geological surveys, the buildings have a large physical deterioration. As an option - the club to re-equip a gym. Taking into account the opinions of experts during the reconstruction of buildings, it is necessary to replace the old walls with new ones from modern heat-insulating materials. Moreover, you can connect all four cottages transitions.

Lyubov Bruyeva, the head of the Municipal Budget Institution "Otdykh", said that in the old assembly hall it was planned to make a large hall for team sports and develop a project for the construction of a stadium. As a result, the meeting decided to consider the construction of a new warm building for 300 children.

“There are plenty of problems and we need to find solutions to change the situation dramatically,” stressed the head of Magnitogorsk. - Today we are preparing for the next season. There is a great desire to bring all the recreation centers in good condition. We think how to make children's rest comfortable on the one hand, and on the other, how to increase the number of children who can be at these bases at the same time. We have a great desire to transfer the recreation center "Abzakovo" to year-round recreation. A gas boiler room will be built, then we will think and see how to reconstruct the buildings themselves.We set the task next year to begin the reconstruction of summer houses in order to multiply increase the number of children who will rest outside the city. ”

Transformations are coming in and in a country cottage for preschool children “The Mountain Stream”. Currently, all residential buildings replaced windows with plastic. Of the eight villas, located on the territory of four single-story fully renovated. The plans for 2019 - 2020 overhaul the two-story eighth cottage and equip playgrounds with gaming equipment. In the future, repairs of the three remaining two-storey cottages.

“Over the past two years we have done a lot - we repaired one building, and plans for another one,” said the head of the city. - Every year the cottage "Mountain streamlet" is transformed for the better. We will continue to engage in the same direction and even a little faster than in previous years. In two or three years, it is necessary to bring the dacha in full compliance with modern requirements. ”

During the spring - summer period, 825 children are healed at the dacha, in the autumn - winter - 660 pre-school children.

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