Thursday, 11 July 2019 11:31

Road upgrading continues

As part of the national project "Safe and high-quality roads" until 2024 in Magnitogorsk it is planned to repair sections of the road and road network with a total length of 200 kilometers, this year more than 13 kilometers.

In the midst of the repair of roads on Lilac Sirenevoe from Kalmykov Street to Lenin Avenue, work is planned to be completed already this week. The length of the road section to be repaired is 620 meters, the area of ​​asphalt pavement is 5465 square meters, and the length of the curb is 1118 meters.

In the near future, asphalt will be laid down Sovetskaya Street from Truda Street to Zeleny Log Street, the asphalt pavement area is 23069 square meters, the length is 1330 meters, the length of the curbs in this area is 2498 meters. Works are planned to be completed by the day of the metallurgist.

Of the 16 sites identified for the current year, work has already been completed on nine, which are located along Lenin and Karl Marx Avenues, on Gagarin, Uralskaya, Chkalov, Komsomolskaya and North Passages.

The following roads are waiting for their turn: Lenin Avenue from Lomonosov Street to Kalinin Street, Sovetskaya Street from No. 82 to No. 88, Stroiteley Street from Sverdlov Square to Nosov Square (both sides), repair of the road surface on an overpass over railroad tracks along 9 May at OTK MMK (both sides), Mayakovsky Street from Kirov Street to Pushkin Avenue (both sides).





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