Monday, 24 June 2019 09:24

Accomplishment continues

Work is underway on Magnitogorsk along Karl Marx Avenue, 164. Today on the territory began to plant 26 maple trees, 13 more trees will be planted along the surviving entrances of an apartment building.

According to the chief specialist of environmental protection and environmental control of the administration of the city of Elena Ionova, these maples are decorative, when blooming the leaf gives a pink color that turns into green and gets a large border of white color, by the autumn a little yellow. Large plants are up to six meters in height, crowns are large and very well formed.

“In addition, a hedge in the form of a cotoneaster will be made around the perimeter of the square, group planting of flowering shrubs will also be carried out,” said Elena Viktorovna. - It is worth noting that when choosing greenery, we took into account the opinion of residents, these breeds were chosen by a majority vote. "




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