Thursday, 13 June 2019 11:01

"Maggortrans" pleases

From June 13, a reusable plastic transport card with a recharge function began to operate in Magnitogorsk.

“The map was created in addition to the existing tickets,” said the director of the Maggortrans Enterprise, Andrei Litvinov. “It can be replenished through the conductor’s terminal in cash.”

According to Andrei Mikhailovich, the fare for a ticket is 50 rubles, the money is returned if the user closes the card.

The fares of travel tickets have not changed, Magnitogorsk citizens can use the tariffs “Civilian”, “Preferential” and “For students”, and if necessary, it is possible to change the tariff plan.

Plans to implement the payment of travel through payment terminals and mobile applications, as well as the return of funds for unused travel.

“We are launching a contest for the anniversary of the city,” added Oleg Kharanukhin, Deputy Director for Economics, Maggortrans. “Everyone who purchased a card before August 25 and made at least one trip automatically becomes a participant of the draw.”

The winner will be determined by the number on the back of the card. Prizes will be in each category of passengers. First place - an unlimited travel card for three months, second place - an unlimited travel card for two months and the third - for one month.