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The most important wealth of the country - the people

On the embankment near the monument “Front - front” a large-scale event was held dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Russia. For several hours, the best musical groups pleased the residents and guests of the city with incendiary performances.

The opening ceremony started at 6:00 pm and after an hour on the embankment several hundred people actively participated in this festive event.

The head of Magnitogorsk Sergey Berdnikov addressed the audience with a welcoming speech.

“As we love and appreciate our country, we also love and appreciate our city,” said Sergey Nikolayevich.- Every year, Magnitogorsk is getting better, and this has become possible only thanks to our well-coordinated work. We will not stop there and make the city even more beautiful. I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday of togetherness and wish you health, prosperity and success! ”

Also, the mayor recalled the upcoming anniversary of Magnitogorsk.

“From June 28 to July 19, we will celebrate the 90th anniversary of our city,” added Sergey Berdnikov. - I want to ask you to stock up on strength, energy and good mood. For three weeks, playgrounds will be equipped throughout the city, where you can come and relax with your soul. ”

Then the State Duma deputy Vitaly Bakhmetyev took the floor.

“Today, in all parts of our vast country, one of the most important public holidays is celebrated,” said Vitaly Viktorovich. - Despite the external political situation, Russia has been and will be free, because real patriots live in it, who love her and work for her good. And on this day I would like to wish everyone happiness and good luck! ”

Congratulated the townspeople and the chairman of MGSD Alexander Morozov.

“In the very center of our great country, the hottest and most courageous heart — our Magnitogorsk — is beating,” said Alexander Olegovich. “ Long live our great Fatherland, long live the best city on earth!”

After the good wishes from the first persons of the city, the jazz-band “Deviant” appeared on the stage, to whom, according to the host, the whole Kazan applauded. This year, the famous Imperialis Okestra orchestra, which pleased Magnitogorsk with an extensive repertoire, was the guest of the event.

The final chord of the celebration was festive fireworks.















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