Monday, 10 June 2019 11:27

Children's rest under special control

This summer, the doors of 48 day camps are open for children in Magnitogorsk.

According to the chief specialist of the education department of the administration, Elena Kiseleva, this season they have taken very seriously the maintenance of children's activities. Each camp has an educational program that takes into account the wishes of children, the resources of educational institutions.

“42 camps are working in the first shift, 15 will work in the second,” said Elena Nikolaevna. “This is due to the number of vacationers - 5933 and 2000 people, respectively.”

In children's camps, leisure is very diverse: visiting theaters, museums, various institutions, meetings with actors from the AS Theater are also scheduled. Pushkin and representatives of the biker club "Night Wolves."

Throughout the shift, vacationers get good nutrition: from this year, salads and fruits are included in the diet.

“We will definitely monitor the quality of the prepared food, the output of ready-made dishes,” said Elena Nikolaevna.

Comfortable conditions for the rest of children - a condition mandatory. On a regular basis, the work of the city camps is checked by a special commission, which includes experts from Rospotrebnadzor, prosecutors, representatives of the education department, Gortorg enterprise. Violations arising during the inspection are immediately eliminated.






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