Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:32

Hunters, get ready!

In connection with the opening of the hunting season, the police and the Rosgvardia Department in the Chelyabinsk Region check the rules for the transportation, storage and carrying of hunting weapons and ammunition.

According to the order of the Ministry of Natural Resources, spring hunting is carried out only on waterfowl and upland game. In the southern regions of the region, it will begin on April 20, in the north - from April 27.

Persons who are going to hunt, must have a hunting permit, permission to store and carry hunting weapons, an identity document, and a voucher for the extraction of objects of the animal world.

The weapon must be transported in a discharged state, lie separate from the cartridges and be in a case, a holster or a special case, as well as in the manufacturer’s special packaging.

It is forbidden to carry a firearm by a person who is intoxicated. A violation entails the imposition of an administrative fine on a citizen, or the deprivation of the right to acquire and possess or store and carry a weapon for a period of one to two years. It is worth adding that in the first and in the second case, weapons and ammunition to it can also be confiscated.

For other administrative offenses related to the rules of storage, carrying and transporting of hunting weapons and ammunition, an administrative fine in the amount of five hundred to five thousand rubles.


Dispatching and control