Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:27

All in our hands

From April 11, the work of the commissions on monitoring the course of sanitary cleaning by management organizations began. Experts have already conducted an inspection of the territories of UK Pochin, LLC, and Kurs LLC is next in line.

The commission includes representatives of district administrations, UJKH, UOOSiEK. Exit events are held daily.

First of all, attention is paid to how the cleaning is done and whether the deadlines are respected.

“Most of the garbage remains on the north side of the houses,” said Gulfiya Khisametdinova, chief specialist of the housing and communal services department of the city administration. - It is there that there are still heaps of snow that need to be scattered so that they melt faster. This will speed up the cleaning process. In general, I would like to note that management companies do a good job. ”

At the moment, detours are exploratory in nature, the final acceptance will take place in the last days of May.

“We began work as soon as the snow began to fall,” said Olga Pisareva, head of the housing and utility complex No. 6 of Kurs LLC. “First they removed asphalt zones, waste garbage, cleared the curbs from dirt that had accumulated over the winter.”

However, this work is not limited. The residents themselves have also contributed.

“There was a lot of domestic garbage behind the houses — cigarette butts, empty bottles and even a mattress,” Olga Nikolaevna complained. - But there are responsible tenants who, on the contrary, want to improve the territory near the house - they break up flowerbeds and decorate them with various compositions. We support them in every way - we supply them with tools and seedlings. ”

In addition, many tenants, together with the management organization and representatives of the TOC, will go on a mass community work day to be held on April 13.









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