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New Year's gift "Mountain stream"

In the beginning of 2019, after overhaul in the suburban recreational and educational center “Gorniy trickle”, pre-school children will receive an updated summer cottage number 4, designed for 50 children.The quality of work performed was inspected by the head of the city, Sergey Berdnikov.

Located 57 kilometers from the city, in the area of ​​the Novoabzakovo railway station, Goryny Rucheyk is a unique and only institution in Russia that ensures the stay and rehabilitation of children of preschool age all year round. A total of eight cottages operate in the center. This year, 220 windows were replaced with funds from the city budget. Moreover, the fourth cottage was thoroughly repaired.

“We completed repairs to the facade, roofs, landscaped the area, completely replaced the windows, the heating system, delivered new dishes and furniture,” said the head of the pre-school education organization department of the city administration, Mikhail Ivanov. - Earlier we brought the third cottage in order, before that the first and second were repaired.Next year, the big two-storey cottage of the fifth building is next in line. ”

The head of the city appreciated the quality of the work done in the renovated summer house, while advising to keep the optimum air temperature in the rooms, the benefit of which is the heating system.

“A year ago we looked at everything in the center, there were certain remarks,” noted Sergey Nikolayevich. - For the current period of time, one more summer cottage was overhauled. Our task is to make so that more children can be healthy here in a comfortable environment. ”

Now in the center rest more than 600 children from four to seven years. In total, this year was organized 12 races. Next year it is planned to increase the number of races to 18, thus the number of pre-school children who can rest in the center will almost double. It is planned for the year to improve about 13 thousand children. For comparison, now - 7900 pupils. This will be possible due to the decrease in the number of days in the race.

“There will be 11 races for 18 days and 7 races for 14 days in the summer period, it is the most popular,” said the head of the department for the organization of pre-school education of the education administration of the city administration, Mikhail Ivanov. - We conducted an analysis of the requests of parents. Many children do not stand, unfortunately, away from home for 21 days and often relatives have to pick them up before the end of the shift. Therefore, it was decided to reduce the number of days in the race. ”

Now the last shift is completed this year. Next week, pre-New Year holidays will be held in the center for preschool children.December 27, they will return home. And on January 11, the boys and girls will be received by the new capitally repaired summer cottage "Kolokolchik".
















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