Wednesday, 01 August 2018 09:36

Active summer holidays in parks

The weekend passed unnoticed with the bright city project "Summer Parks of Magnitogorsk".

More and more citizens are happy to join the project. Magnitogorsk come to parks and squares to show their talents, relax body and soul. In addition, in parks more often you can meet amateur artists and get your own portrait as a gift.

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 16:00 to 20:00 visitors to city parks and parks are encouraged by performances of creative teams, master classes, theater productions, fairs and exhibitions.

In the park at the Eternal Fire on Friday, the artists of MAUK Magnitogorsk Concert Hall staged a "Music Marathon", a fitness center "The Other Dimension" - a lesson "Zumba". In addition, MBUK "Magnitogorsk Picture Gallery" presented photo exhibitions and master classes. In the square of the Metallurgists at the same time, the "Evening of Romance" took place, in the conservatory park - "Poetic Friday", in the public garden "Magnet" - "The Reading Garden". In the square named after B.A.Rucheva worked as a "City of Masters", in the Memory Park to the first builders of Magnitka - the "Kaleidoscope of Childhood".

On Saturday, in the park near the Eternal Flame, a sports ground for playing chess and checkers and the "City of Masters" was organized for residents. In the park of the Metallurgists - "Retro Park", in the park named after B.A. Rucheva - "Theater in the open air." "Theater Saturday" was realized in the square named after M.Yu. Lermontov. In the square "Magnet" prepared "Reading Garden", and in the Memory Park to the first builders of Magnitka - "Kaleidoscope of Childhood".

Sunday was remembered by the entertainment program "Dance with Us" in the park near the Eternal Flame. In addition, on the territory of the park there were also classes in martial arts. In the square of the Metallurgists artists were drawing at this time and the "Entertainment Carousel" worked. In the square named after B.A. Rucheva for the residents and visitors of the city was organized a concert "Music in Every Heart". Also in the public garden "Magnit" opened "The Reading Garden", in the Memory Park to the first builders of Magnitka - "Kaleidoscope of Childhood", in the park "Conservator" - "Musical Sunday".

To participate in the project "Summer Parks of Magnitogorsk", professionals and amateurs are invited not only to local amateur collectives of creative and sports areas, but also to the guests of the city.

It is only necessary to apply for an email address: , or call the phone number: 49-85-75.














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