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Be happy, sailors!

On the square near the monument "Rear - front" a solemn meeting was held, dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Navy.

With a salutatory word the deputy head of the city Svetlana Tulupova spoke.

"Today we can confidently say that the sea borders of our country are under reliable protection," Svetlana Nikolaevna said. - A vivid example is the diesel submarine Magnitogorsk, which protects the water boundaries of our Motherland. Special words of gratitude on this day I would like to express to the veterans who were worthy of their service. And to all those who at this moment fulfill their military duty, I wish you good health and success. "

Greetings to the audience were addressed by the senior manager of the social programs group of PJSC "MMK" Egor Kozhaev.

"This is a day of honor for seamen of all fronts, generations and ages," remarked Yegor Konstantinovich. "This is a day of glory and respect for those people who are doing everything possible to ensure that the Russian fleet remains the most powerful and combat-capable in the world." Happy holiday to all! ".

On behalf of MGDD, Victor Tokarev spoke. He noted that many Magnitogorsk people still represent an example of true courage and heroism. Leonid Scriabin, veteran of the navy, and Artem Anankin, chairman of the military-patriotic club "Sea Brotherhood" Poseidon, joined him.

The memory of the compatriots who remained on the battlefields, gathered together with a three-time salvo of automatic rifle line and a minute of silence. At the end of the meeting flowers were laid to the Eternal Flame, then the delegation went to the Left-bank cemetery.


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