Wednesday, 01 August 2018 09:33

Attention to employees and employers of the city!

Article 3 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation establishes a prohibition of discrimination in the world of work, including a ban on restricting the labor rights and freedoms of citizens, depending on age.This is reminiscent of the management of the economy and investments of the administration.

No one may be restricted in labor rights and freedoms or receive any benefits depending on sex, race, color, nationality, language, origin, property, family, social and official status, age, place of residence, attitude to religion, beliefs, affiliation or non-belonging to public associations or any social groups, as well as from other circumstances not related to the employee's business qualities.

Persons who believe that they have been discriminated against in the world of work can apply to the court for the restoration of violated rights, compensation for material damage and compensation for moral harm.

Federal state supervision in this area is carried out by the State Labor Inspectorate in the Chelyabinsk region. Magnitogorsk department is located at: Sovetskaya street, 174, room number 17, telephones: 42-05-52, 42-05-60.

Functions of the control over the implementation of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the territory of the city are vested in the prosecutor's office (street of the newspaper "Pravda", house 14):

  • Leninsky district - phone: 28-38-03;
  • Pravoberezhny district - phone: 28-38-05;
  • Ordzhonikidzevsky district - phone: 28-38-04.



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