Wednesday, 01 August 2018 09:32

Safety and comfort - in kindergartens

The head of the city, Sergey Berdnikov, made another working trip around preschool institutions in Magnitogorsk.Sergei Nikolayevich visited kindergartens Nos. 24, 25, 13 and 183, inspected the course of repair work and the state of the material and technical base.

So, kindergarten # 13 was put into operation in 1992. Now, 195 children study in it, 62 of them in the manger. Pupils of the kindergarten have repeatedly won the All-Russian and regional competitions: "Earth is our space house" and "Russia-Mother, Ural-father".

Last year, thanks to the help of the city budget, the institution replaced the roof and installed windows, in August of this year it is planned to repair the water supply and sewerage system.

"We have already repaired visors, floors, installed new batteries," Svetlana Kopytova, head of the kindergarten # 13, added. - Also, for the sake of economy, energy-saving light bulbs have been purchased. We installed additional play areas, we regularly buy new beautiful bed linens and dishes for children. "

The mayor was pleased with the sight.

"We pay great attention to repairs in kindergartens," said Sergei Berdnikov. - Financial support is provided by the degree of need: replacement of windows, installation of new fences, repair of the roof, sewage system, water supply, ventilation. We regularly go to the sites to see where they need help. "

The next object that Sergey Nikolaevich visited was the Kindergarten No. 183, which has already been the first among the educational institutions for the fourth year. Sadik is the winner of the All-Russia and city competitions: "The best innovative educational health-saving project" and "The best kindergarten of the year".

In 2017, the building for pre-school children partially repaired the roof and replaced the old windows. This year, continued repair of the roof and put a new two-meter fence, in the plans to replace the outdated ventilation.

"The construction of the fence goes ahead of the curve and the work will be completed before the deadline," said Elena Fedorenko, head of preschool institution No. 183. "A high fence is providing even greater security for all our 397 pupils."

Sergei Nikolayevich summed up the detour and noted that all repairs would be carried out at the expense of the city budget.

"Our goal is to put all the gardens in order in two years," Sergey Berdnikov concluded. "But we must pay tribute to the pedagogical staff, it is clear that they love the preschool institutions with love."














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