Wednesday, 01 August 2018 09:29

The site for the Vorkaut is not a place for vandals

A newly constructed platform for a vorouth in a park near the Eternal Flame was attacked by vandals.Young peoplecaused considerable damage to the rubber coating.

The idea to organize a place for practicing the wright was born in 2012. The team, led by the director of the autonomous non-commercial organization Aktive of the Future, Sergei Sukhorukov, presented their project for the contest in the Fund of presidential grants and became winners. To launch the site began in May 2018, in accordance with all modern technologies.

Unfortunately, not all residents use the offered sports resources for self-realization as intended. Painted benches, spoiled rubber cover, trampled lawn, on which the grass was never allowed to ascend - is proof of this.

"On the night of July 26 to July 27, workers mounted a rubber coating. For hardening, he needs to stand untouched for 72 hours, - said Sergei Vadimovich. "Despite the fences and warning announcements, someone climbed onto the platform and spoiled the tires."

According to the director of the MAU "Parks of Magnitogorsk" Alexander Rossol, cleaning is carried out every day on the territory of the site. Despite the large number of urns, garbage does not become less. Every Sunday the MBU "DSU of the city of Magnitogorsk" vacuums the sports zone.

"I want to appeal to the residents," Alexander Herbertovich added. "We do it all for you, so that modern sports equipment will be freely available."

It should be noted that on all the perimeter of the sports ground there are video surveillance cameras, which fixed violators.

The administration of the sports complex appeals to the residents of the city with a request to help find the vandals that damaged the rubber coating. If you have any information, call the phone number: + 7-919-311-33-41.












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