District administrations

Magnitogorsk consists of 3 districts: Leninsky, Pravoberezhny and Ordzhonikidzevsky, they play a huge role in the life of the city. These districts show the changes in the economy, communal services, education, sports and culture that have been taking place in recent years in Magnitogorsk.
Territory districts are intra-city territorial entities. They are for effective management of the city economy, improving public services, carrying out activities of local government and citizen participation in the management of city affairs. The bodies performing executive, administrative and control functions in the regions of Magnitogorsk are the district administrations. They are structural subdivisions of the City Administration.
District administrations in their activities are subordinate to the head of the city.
The heads of district administrations manage the districts administration in accordance with the principle of sole authority. The administrations of the city's districts act as coordinators of the efforts of all stakeholders, structures, organizations and institutions for optimization of the living conditions of the population in the districts.

The main tasks of district administrations are:

  • work with different categories of citizens, strengthening and developing of the social sphere, creating living and recreational conditions for citizens.
  • improvement of forms and methods of control over the work of municipal housing and communal services of the district on the issues of maintaining the municipal housing stock, improvement, gardening, engineering support, repair and construction of housing, utilities.
  • raising of the living standard of the persons in need through the implementation of the unified social policy for each district.
  • coordination of the activities of cultural, educational, sports and other organizations that organize recreation and leisure activities for the population of the district.

In accordance with the tasks of the district administration, there are the following functions:

  • Authority in planning, finance and accounting.
  • Authority in the field of housing and communal services.
  • Authority in the field of social and economic development, trade and consumer services.
  • Authority in the use of land, nature protection.
  • Authority in the field of social and cultural services for the population.
  • Authority in the field of social protection of the population
  • Authority in the field of youth policy.
  • Authority in the field of training of the population of the districts.
  • Authority in the field of ensuring legality, law and order, protection of citizens' rights and freedoms.


Dispatching and control