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In 2010, the strategic directions of the sphere of land and property relations and legal support for the activities of the city administration headed by Izmalkov V.A. were identified, the most important ones are:

1. Informational openness of activities for the city's population is realized through the placement and actual updating of information that helps individuals and legal entities of the city to obtain accessible and necessary information about all services of the structural units on the site of city administration.

To implement this principle, we already have:

- an interactive map with free land plots located on the territory of the city;

Hosted by:

- - General plan of Magnitogorsk city district;

- - rules of land use and development;

- - acts of selecting of land for construction;

- - agendas and results of the meetings of the commission for the preparation of draft rules on land use and development;

- - the register of contracts of gratuitous use;

- - a list of vacant premises for rent;

- - list of valid non-residential fund agreements;

- - a list of municipal property in economic management;

- - a list of municipal property in operational management;

-- a list of land plots formed to conduct an auction for sale (ownership and lease rights);

- - building permits;

- - technical conditions for connection of major construction projects to engineering networks;

- - a list of individuals and legal entities undergoing the procedure for executive proceedings in respect of a debts to the budget of Magnitogorsk;

- - property (land) bidding;

- - state (municipal) services;

- - privatization;;

- - municipal land control;

- - legal settlement;

- - municipal legal acts of Magnitogorsk;

- - list of parking lots in the territory of Magnitogorsk, land plots for the placement that are registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (approved by the resolution of the city administration of 09.09.2011 №10430-P).

An advisory point was set up on the territory of the Multifunctional Center at: Magnitogorsk, St. Suvorova, 123.

In the future, it is planned to create a so-called "Personal Cabinet" where the applicant will be able to obtain all information about the municipal services.

2. Improving the quality and accessibility of municipal services to the public consists in providing municipal services through multifunctional centers, and involves daily work of specialists aimed at simplifying the procedure for providing services and reducing the time for its provision, reducing administrative costs, the introduction of uniform standards of citizen service.

To implement this principle, we already have:

- an electronic calculator for calculating the purchase price of land plots in state or municipal ownership;

- information on property auctions;

- privatization program;

- - an approved plan of measures to implement the administrative reform in the city of Magnitogorsk;;

- answers to frequently asked questions for each type of service..

Work reports:

Report on the done work by the Committee for Property and Land Management of the City Administration in 2016.

A report on the done work of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the city administration in 2014.

Annual Report of the Legal Department of the City Administration for 2015

Work plans:

The work plan of the Committee for Property and Land Management:

3. The executive discipline is maintained for a clear regulation of administrative procedures by issuing administrative regulations that establish the procedure for the provision of municipal services and standards for the provision of municipal services.

The site contains:

- register of state and municipal services;;

Information about the services includes information about the body that provides the service, the term of the service, the list of necessary documents, application forms for the provision of services, etc .;

- - administrative regulations for the provision of state and municipal services;;

- - drafts of administrative regulations for the provision of state and municipal services;;

- - the provision of services in the absence of administrative regulations (the order of the city administration of 10.10.2011 № 258-R "On approval of the list of administrative regulations, subject to development by the city administration and approval of the decisions of the city administration";;

4. Development of the sphere, the purpose of which is the creation of a secure system of interdepartmental electronic document circulation, the provision of municipal services using the Internet on the basis of creating a unified infrastructure for ensuring legally significant inter-agency automated information interaction and interaction of local governments with citizens and organizations.

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