The governor provided additional resources for improvement of Magnitogorsk

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 16:36

The structure of future rehabilitation center is developed for disabled people

Today the first meeting of the working group under the chairmanship of Evgeny Teftelev on development of the concept of creation of the sports and rehabilitation center for disabled people took place. Its structure included chiefs of managements of a city administration and representatives of public organizations of disabled people.

Let's remind, at meeting, a past a month ago, the mayor made the decision to support idea of society of disabled people about creation of the necessary center for rehabilitation of people with the limited possibilities which have reached 18-year age.

At the moment in Magnitogorsk already long time works similar establishment for children and teenagers. With pupils of the center experts in unique programs are engaged. But after achievement of majority disabled children are struck off the register and remain unaided. During this period of people with limited possibilities of health especially needs social adaptation and integration into society. The similar problem rises and before the people who have become disabled people owing to the got trauma or for any other reason.

Evgeny Teftelev, addressing to this problem at the beginning of a year, focused attention of officials and that besides creation of the center is necessary and to work on implementation of the project "Available environment", facilitating movement of disabled people around the city. Therefore the corresponding instructions were received by all chiefs of managements.

Today participants of the working group discussed center structure. It is planned to create four offices of the center: social and rehabilitation, social psychological assistance, organizational and methodical and divisions of an administrative part. For work on these directions instructors of LFK, the physiotherapist, masseurs, an osteostalemate, traumatologist, the psychologist and the doctor-reabilitolog will be involved.

The suitable building containing in all these offices, - the main problem arising today before a city administration. Three options, but, for various reasons, were already offered all of them were rejected as improper. Construction possibility also was rejected, as huge funds for this purpose are required, to find which the city unable. And re-planning, repair and the equipment of a ready building both is simpler, and is more economical, and more operatively. For this purpose in administration plans attraction as well means from the regional budget.

While there are searches of buildings, collaboration with society of disabled people isn't stopped. Today the head of department Elena Kalyanova suggested to give training classes in physical culture, sports and tourism in subordinated establishments. For this purpose soon to mayor Evgeny Teftelev will provide the list of the sports organizations which will be equipped with special exercise machines and all necessary conditions. For people with limited possibilities separate hours for occupations will be allocated.

On the instructions of the town governor soon into accord those establishments in which already regional societies of disabled people now settle down also will be brought.

The disabled people entering into the working group, note that the created center will be in great demand. They have also plans for the far future - in particular, to equip restrooms in which people with limited possibilities from the next villages and the cities can stop.

The closest meeting of the working group under the chairmanship of Evgeny Teftelev on development of the concept of creation of the sports and rehabilitation center for disabled people will take place in April.

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